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My vision is to provide a market where only quality (though not necessarily expensive) goods are sold. There are no cheap, mass produced goods or people's castoffs.  I want to have a market that sells unusual but fabulous products that you are not going to find in every shop through < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">New Zealand.

 Each stall will need to be approved before it can join the market to keep the standards high. It has a bit of an international flavour as well as plenty of great New Zealand products.

 Birkenhead is a heritage area and the market is in the heart of the cafe strip.  Set up commences 1hour and 15 mins before the market start time.  If you have heavy goods to unload and wish to drive your van onto the site (it is not very large) then you need to be off the site by 7.30 as ezi-ups will be erected then. 

 The market is a part of the local community but also provides benefits and enjoyment for tourists and people coming from far and wide.  It is a place where people can meet up, relax and treat themselves to some wonderful food, homewares, books, jewellery and art.



3x3m ezi-up site is $30. 

 Hire of ezi- up (4 available) $10. 

You are responsible for erecting and collapsing the ezi-up, if it gets damaged then you must pay for the replacement.


Main room: $25

Plunkett Room   $20 all tables

Garden room all tables are $10 but this room does not get as much foot traffic.

Table hire is $5 per table, limited amount of tables available, I strongly suggest booking in advance or there may not be a table for you on the day.

 You do not have to appear at every market but I would appreciate prior warning if you know you cannot make certain dates.   All stallholders are taken on a trial basis.

 Thank you for your interest in the market, I look forward to hearing from you.  Please read the Terms and Conditions below.  Participation in the market means you agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid out below.

Please contact me, Jennie Jago on 09 418 2366 / 021 503 299 or email at:

 Terms and Conditions

Stallholders must be set up and ready to trade by 8.30am. All stallholders will be allocated a site by the appointed Market Manager. Although every endeavour will be made to retain a stallholders’ allocated position for consequential markets, Market Management reserves the right to alter stall positions should the need arise. 

 Stallholders should state their preference for indoor or outdoor stalls and specify the length of stall and storage space required.

 Stallholders must remove their vehicles from the immediate vicinity to allow customers to park easily.  There are parking spaces on Glade Place opposite the market.

 Appearance and upkeep of stalls:  Appearance is to be of a high standard as set by other stallholders and Market Management. Participants may be refused entry in future if the standards of the market are not maintained.

All signs and banners are to be of a professional quality. Vendors must clearly display the name of their business and must post prices for all items being sold. Registered kitchens must be used for all processing of products and certificates produced to market management.

The market seeks to avoid excessive usage of plastics and promotes recycling, where possible towards a target of zero waste. Please take your rubbish away with you.

Periodic inspections will be carried out by the Environmental Health Officer for the North Shore City Council to ensure that all stalls comply with the food safety regulations.

 Food stallholders may only sell products listed on the approved application form.  Approval must be gained from North Shore City Council to sell food at markets on the North Shore. Registered kitchens must be used for all processing of products and certificates (or copies of) produced to market management. Stallholders must trade in accordance with the Food Hygiene Regulations (1974).

 If you do not have approval prior to trading at the market please ask me for a form or contact North Shore City Council.  I will need to see a copy of your registered kitchen certificate.

All vendors should be aware of NZSFA labelling requirements. More information about labelling can be found on the NZSFA website:

All organic produce must be certified by the relevant accrediting body and be labelled “certified organic”. Evidence of accreditation must be provided upon application. All food stallholders must have effective means of cleaning hands – either with anti-bacterial sanitising gel or wipes. Always clean hands before and after handling food.

If food is perishable, it must be maintained at a temperature of 4°C or below. All food must be individually packed or covered, to protect from cross-contamination. Care must be taken to protect food from cross-contamination when transported to and from the market.

 Tastings of products is strongly encouraged. Produce or products opened for such tastings cannot then be sold.

 Smoking by stallholders is not permitted, on the market premises.
Clean up
It is the responsibility of the stall holder to clean up the area around their own stall.

Each stallholder must remove any rubbish generated by his or her stall. A fee of $10.00 will be charged by Birkenhead Artisan Market for cleaning stall areas that have been left unclean by the stallholder at the end of the market.

Loading  :
Remember to unload and vacate the area in front of the market to let other stallholders do the same.  Please park your vehicles away from the market site to allow potential customers to park.


The reasons I have created this market are two-fold.  I am English and have been living here for 3 years and I really enjoy it.  However I do miss some of the markets from Europe and there was one in particular in London that was only a small street market but each stall was fabulous. It was located on a road similar to Hinemoa St with plenty of cafes and boutique shops. 

 The second reason is that as part of my job, I am constantly looking out for accessories for the home and I keep seeing the same products from the same importers in every town I go to.  This is understandable in a country with only 4 million people but New Zealanders are very creative and have high standards so I wanted to create a showcase for some of the less run of the mill goods which I think are wonderful and more people should see.  I am also quite creative and  show some of my own products at the market, some of which I have not seen so far in New Zealand therefore I needed to create the right environment to show them in.